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PD Dr. Peter Schneider
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Recent publications:

"Temporal hierarchy of cortical responses reflects core-belt-parabelt organization of auditory cortex in musicians"
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"Short-term plasticity of neuro-auditory processing induced by musical active listening training"
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Since 2021, the working group "Music and Brain" is part of the Centre for Systematic Graz (Austria).


KLAWA Listening Academy Heidelberg

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Heschl Gyri

Sound-processing areas
of the brain

Neurological foundations of sound perception
and musical learning

As a transdisciplinary research facility with researchers from Switzerland and Germany, I lead the research group "Music and Brain" at the Centre for Systematic Musicology in Graz (Austria) with the following research interests:

  • individual sound processing in the brain
  • maturity and learning-related development of musical listening skills in children and adults
  • structural and functional plasticity of hearing treatment (in cooperation with BrainInnovation, Maastricht and BESA GmbH, Gräfelfing)
  • musical and artistic talent
  • neurological features of children playing music intensively, music students and professional musicians
  • absolute and relative pitch (hearing/perception)
  • influence of playing music in children with AD(H)D, dyslexia, Williams-Beuren syndrome and in subjects with tinnitus and sensitivity to noise

Publications and Research Projects

We offer collaborative events at different venues and write papers in collaboration with different authors. Current Research Projects:

  • Heidelberg / Graz: Audioplasticity and neuroplasticity of musical learning I + II - a long-term study with children who have intensive music education and children with learning difficulties (ADS, ADHS and LRS), funded by the BMBF within the JeKi research area (focus: music education, AD(H)D, dyslexia).
  • Heidelberg / Basel: Auditory neuroplasticity of the adult musical brain - a long-term study with music students from Basel, funded by the DFG & SNF.

Scientific curriculum vitae Peter Schneider:

Since 2021


Foundation of the "Heidelberger Hörakademie" and development of the "AULOS Listening Training" in cooperation with the company KLAWA (

Since 2021


Transfer of the research group "Music and Brain" to the Centre for Systematic Musicology, Graz (AT)



Training as audio-psycho phonologist; diploma graduation 2019, supervisors: Friedrich Huchting (Praxis Hören - Bewegen - Kommunizieren, Eutin-Gothendorf), Kirsten Klopsch (Hörakademie Freiburg) and Pierre Romain (Centre d'écoute vivante et communication in Charleroi, Belgium).



Heisenberg fellowship program “Sound perception between outstanding musical abilities and auditory dysfunction: The neural basis of individual predisposition, maturation, and learning-induced plasticity in a lifespan perspective”, granted by DFG



Leader of the German part of the Lead-Agency Project 'Auditory plasticity of the adult musical brain' together with PD Dr. M. Blatow and Prof. C. Stippich at the University Hospital of Basel



Habilitation at the Medical School in Heidelberg. Thesis: 'Neurologische Grundlagen der individuellen Klangwahrnehmung und Hörfähigkeit bei Musikern und Nichtmusikern'. (Mentor: Prof. Dr. M. Bendszus)



Leader of the collaborative BMBF project Heidelberg/Graz: 'Auditory and neural plasticity of musical learning’ together with PD Dr. A. Seither-Preisler (part of the research program 'An Instrument for Every Child', part of the program for the European Culture Capital 2010 in the Ruhr region of Germany founded by the Federal Cultural Foundation, the State of North-Rhine Westphalia and the Foundation for the Promotion of ducation in the GLS Treuhand e.V




Research cooperation on the neuroplasticity of tinnitus and hyperacousis in musicians and non-musicians together with the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim (Prof. Dr. H. Flor), Dept. of Neurology, Section of Biomagnetism (PD Dr. A. Rupp) and Dept. Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, University of Heidelberg (Prof. S. Hoth).



Postdoc fellowship at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Heidelberg University in cooperation with the Dept. of Neurology, University of Heidelberg.



Doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat., magna cum laude) 


Dissertation: „Activation and tonotopic organization in the auditory cortex of musicians and non-musicians“. Supervisors: Prof. H.G. Dosch, Prof. H.J. Specht and Prof. M. Scherg.



Diploma in Physics (Thesis: „Residuen- und Intervallerkennung bei harmonischen komplexen Tönen“, Supervisors: Prof. H.G. Dosch und Prof. H.J. Specht, Department of Physics and Astromomy, Heidelberg sity).



Diploma in Church music (Thesis: „Kompositionstechnische Analyse des Livre d´Orgue von Olivier Messiaen“, Supervisor: Prof. B. Kinzler.



Studies of Church music in Heidelberg (Hochschule für Kirchenmusik).



Studies in Physics at the Universities of Freiburg i. Br. and Heidelberg.